What I do:


         BODY   *   MOTION    *    IMAGE   *    HONESTY   *    NATURE   *    EMPATHY    *    SOUL


I am most interested in unearthing the essential unity of  the somatic, expressive, spiritual, and natural realms as they relate to movement, performance, written and spoken word, and daily living.

My ongoing studies include recovering the depth of movement experience through investigation of richness and subtlety in dynamic qualities;   unearthing possibilities for self-discovery inherent in both teaching and learning processes;   and  exploring metaphor and imagery as pathways to poetic perception, self knowledge, enhanced somatic experience, and living an enchanted life.

With over 35 years experience as an educator,  artist,  dancer,  somatic being,  and naturalist,  I  find that I thrive most when I engage with the full spectrum of interested learners, from professional dancers and teachers, to novice and non-movers, and self-described “two left feeters”.

Workshops and classes available in the greater Northern NV and Northern CA areas.




Email:   drugg50@gmail.com

Cell:        775-360-8124

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